Powerful Individuals Stalling War against Rape in Ekiti, Says Commissioner


By Victor Ogunje

The Ekiti State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Olawale Fapohunda, has alleged that some powerful individuals have been found to be interceding for rape offenders in the state , describing the interferences as a serious impediment to the fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the state.

This startling revelation came as the government, yesterday held its 1st GBV Summit in Ekiti and inaugurated a “He -for -She champions” as well as Moremi GBV Referral Clinic to tackle the menace of rape and gender molestations.

Speaking as a panelist at the summit, the commissioner said: “No one or age is immune from rape. The minors, aged people are involved. “Whoever that is found guilty now goes to life imprisonment. The issue of rape now constitutes serious shame to all of us and the trend must change.

“Whoever that is sent to jail, we will get the picture and paste in his home, local government and town. “Rape has been festering because people are tolerating it. The very day you apprehend rapists or take them to court, traditional rulers, politicians and other big people will be begging me to drop the case; this is wrong.

“Don’t leave the fight for the government alone; it has to be collective. No more pleading on behalf of offenders. We are feeling ashamed with the trends rape has assumed. There can be no justification for issue of rape. Indecent dressing of ladies doesn’t justify rape.

“Three teachers are presently on trial in Ekiti. Some people would even take these minors to hotel and had carnal knowledge of them. Some are reading politics to it and I always said if voting for us would make us drop a case against anyone, it is better not to vote for us”.