There has been much discussion about how COVID will still affect our lives once it’s gone. The most obvious being the number of people who will now work from home more often and those that have discovered Zoom or some similar video software. Talking via a screen is now seen as normal and socially acceptable and sometimes more convenient than travelling to meet.

One of the quirky annoyances that I now face is the number of people who no longer know how to walk properly in shops. During lockdown we could only go out for short shopping visits and alone. The shops were almost deserted, and you wandered as you wished. Now that they are full people are still doing the same and mostly in front of me. I am sure they are not being intentionally rude, but the usual proper manners are gone. It is only a trivial change but there will be others.

How will we, eventually, get back to our old way of life and should we? This pandemic could be around for another six months to a year before a working vaccine is available and by then our new habits might be ingrained.

I want a time that was like before this hit us, and I didn’t have to worry about injuring people by walking through them when they stop suddenly.

It’s trivial really but life has changed.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia