Firm to Launch ‘Fragrance Experience Studio’ in Lagos

By Sunday Ehigiator

The Founder, Seinde’s Signature, Olufemi Olusola has revealed that the firm is set to launch its ‘Fragrance Experience Studio.’

The ceremony will take place in Lagos state next week Sunday.

He made this known during a press briefing organised by the brand at Oriental Hotel, in which the studio is also located.

According to him, the studio which is first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa, is best likened to a tourist attraction for perfume lovers, best described as ‘Frag-heads’, and perfume collectors all over the world, “who wish to expand their perfume collection but need guidance on what to buy.

“The studio is also welcome to perfumers who wish to get inspired and expand their palate by sampling various creations, and perfume lovers just for the fragrance experience.

“It will afford fragrance lovers the opportunity to sample over 1000 unique perfumes from different brands and perfumers before making that decision to purchase.

“With our fragrance studio, blind buying is now a thing of the past. We would offer fragrance lovers an opportunity to interact with a selection of the rarest and most sophisticated perfumes in our world of fragrance.”

Speaking on the need for the experience studio, Olusola, who has been collecting perfumes for over 40 years, and has over 1000 carefully selected fragrances from the best brands and perfumers around the world, said, “most perfume retailers sell by general reviews or personal experiences.

“Conversely, there is a very important aspect of perfumes that is mostly ignored by all, which is how fragrances react to individuals.

“Factors such as skin PH balance, hormones and skin type contribute to why a perfume would project differently on different people and skin.

“This is where our fragrance experience studio comes handy. We do not sell perfumes but we are committed to ensuring you get value for any fragrance you purchase by connecting you with verified sources of authentic perfumes.

“Wholesalers and retailers who wish to partner with us must be ready to go through our verification processes. We also offer a unique opportunity for you to exchange your old perfumes for cash or another fragrance of equivalent value.”

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