P+ Measurement Marks 5th Anniversary


P+ Measurement Services, an independent Public Relations (PR) measurement and evaluation agency, has announced its fifth-year of successful operation in Nigeria with qualitative offerings.

The agency, whose strength is in media monitoring, PR measurement and audit, was said to have offered services to over 45 brands and 15 Public Relations agencies in its five years of operation in the country.

As the only AMEC Member in Nigeria, P+ has strong partnerships with the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and Reel forge Media Monitoring; the biggest media monitoring agency in the East African region covering more than five countries.
Speaking on its business portfolio, the Chief Insights Officer, Philip Odiakose, said every client media data has a story to tell and it depends on how strategic you are in flogging the data to yield meaningful results.

He affirmed that P+ services with state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled media analysts has greatly enhanced clients’ businesses to immeasurable heights, exceeding their expectations, thus making P+ unique in the industry it operates.

“Our Measurement and Evaluation report is in-depth, robust and flexible to accommodate valid metrics that brands desire to see reflected in their reports, andit is alsobased on the AMEC Standard in accordance with the Barcelona Principle 3.0. We deploy the P+MCA(media content analysis) methodology for media evaluation and analysis based on qualitative and quantitative metrics in analysing media exposure,” Odiakose affirmed.

On the agency’s portfolio, the Chief Operating Officer, Olufunke Mohammed, pointed out that P+ understood the value of valid PR metrics to its clients’ media performance audit report.