Osonuga Bags Gold Role Model Award

Freeman Osonuga

By Omolabake Fasogbon

The leadership of Nigeria Youth Advocacy For Good Governance Initiative (NYAGGI) paid Dr. Freeman Osonuga a courtesy visit at his office, Adloyalty Business Network, and bestowed him a Gold Role Model Award.

NYAGGI is an umbrella body of youth organizations that have been in the Vanguard for equity, unity, peace, justice, and quantitative public service in Nigeria. NYAGGI recently has engaged in peace Advocacy, education career guidance, leadership training, student empowerment/ youth enlightenment among others with the working relationship of both local and international organizations home and abroad.

NYAGGI compliments efforts of personalities and institutions that have contributed unanimously to Youth empowerment, community development, and nation-building at large. NYAGGI is a veritable vehicle to drive excellence, credibility, hard work, diligence to all sectors.

The award-giving event was attended by core members/ delegates of NYAGGI namely Comr Alabi Akeem Abiodun, the National Coordinator, Comr Esther Paul, the Treasurer, Comr Alo Jasmine, Director of Gender and Comr Yinka Clement, Director of the program, Staff of Adloyalty Business Network and a few friends.

The National Coordinator, Comr Alabi Akeem Abiodun in his speech stated thus. “Dr. Freeman Olamide Osonuga is one of the few men of God that fit into this description a Father, mentor, leader, role model, philanthropist, pathfinder, lover of truth, hope for the hopeless, epitome, a beacon of a rear gem, space setter, bridge builder, a walking encyclopedia for the Nigerian youth to emulate”.

“Abraham Lincoln said and I quote great personalities are not dressed in gold but if you scratch their backs they are made of Gold Dr. Freeman Olamide Osonuga Is made of Gold.”

Dr. Freeman Osonuga in his speech thanked the leadership of NYAGGI for counting him worthy of this award, he also stated that he hopes to do great things together with the association. He went on to state now is a time where the Leadership of our country is beginning to fall on the youths, as it can be testified that there is a disconnect between the people in government and the people they are governing. This he said, places a responsibility on youths to rise in any sector they are involved in, whether business, entertainment, media, politics because now there is a huge demand for leadership.

Dr. Freeman Osonuga further stated that the best kind of leadership that we need is Leadership without name and title meaning that every one of us can be a Leader. He, therefore, encouraged everyone to exemplify good leadership anywhere we find ourselves, as we will not only be recognized as a good leader but we will also communicate good values. He urged everyone to express Leadership by example, Leadership by influence, leadership that communicates good virtues as we do not have any other country except Nigeria.