#EndSARS – No Victor, No Vanquished

Yakubu Gowon

I was born in 1969. I think the civil war finished in 1970 abi? I know really sure but I know my mother went to the war as a nurse that was drafted from the Lagos State ministry of Health into the army and as such I did not get the luxury of breast milk like the rest of you. For years, anytime I did anything wrong in school my mother would come there and remind them that I did not take breast milk and that I made the major sacrifice for Nigeria and as such I should be excused for my behaviour.

Well, that is not the gist abeg. I just wanted to pull out the mantra that was said to have pushed the  government’s policy of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and one other R wey I no remember now. That I think should be the guiding principle of this government’s post-#EndSARS. The Lagos State government is already doing great on this count with the inauguration of one panel to rebuild Lagos and the media campaign asking us to rebuild our city. But feelers we are getting from the centre are not looking like those ones have the time for any reconciliation o. But then again, as I dey type, my finger is shaking because the prevalence of fake news makes the career and liberty of people like us shaky.
Especially if you now go and yab government based on a report then later, the report come be fake.

That one, Buhari wey nobody dey see, where you want start to beg when they descend on you. But let me just say it out here that I sincerely hope that the report that immigration is stopping some leaders of the protests from travelling and that some bank accounts are being frozen is fake news o. Because if it is not fake, then it would really be what in Shomolu we call ‘agbaya’ things and that will really be sad. Let us reunite, rebuild and hold each other. The protest did not single out any group. Everybody suffered. Everybody. We were all united in the suffering even some on the government side suffered. So let’s all just unite in rebuilding and leave all these gra-gra that we are used to. Meanwhile, I know some people will be using that, ‘he did not drink breast milk part to yab me o,’ you people will not focus on the main thrust of this write-up. It is the Duke did not drink breast milk that will now be the focus. Na sacrifice. Thank you.