The Thrown-Out Trump

Eddy Odivwri

As at Wednesday night, the outcomeof the American election was yet foggy. But there were heartwarming indications that the bully called Donal Trump was on his way out of the White House. Joe Biden had garnered 248 to Donald Trump’s 214 in the Electoral College.

Biden would need 270 to win. As at Wednesday night, he looked nearer Victory than Trump. I pray it so happens to shame those religious fanatics who were matching in support for Trump in Onitsha and Owerri. Such weird fanaticism for one who called you a shit-hole country, one who solely stood against your sister—Ngozi Okonjo_Iweala’s bid for the WTO job.

Trump deserves just one thing: Be thrown away to save the world from his reckless presidency. It is interesting that he had declared himself winner long before all the votes got counted. What a desecration of an ancient tradition. Away with the foul-mouthed Bully.

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