NERC Seeks Framework against Cyber Attacks


The Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Prof James Momoh has advised on the need to include cyber security in the academic curriculum of tertiary institutions.

A statement by the Assistant General Manager, External and Industry Relations, NERC, Mr. Michael Faloseyi, noted that Momoh spoke at the International Legislative Stakeholders Conference.

It stated that he also canvassed for institutional and legal frameworks to prevent cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure throughout the country.

Several government-owned websites as well as those belonging to private organisations recently came under attack by the Anonymous during the EndSars protests.

However, Momoh who was recently inducted as a member of the United States National Academy of Engineering who spoke on the theme: “Digital Technology and Cybersecurity”, said that given the danger posed by the hackers , the country should begin to take proactive actions against such individuals.

He explained that cyber-physical system are networks of interconnected computers used to run critical and sensitive infrastructure and services like banking, hospitals, aviation, and electricity supply, among others.

He, therefore, reiterated on the need for appropriate policy, regulatory and legal frameworks to forestall an attack on the cyber-physical systems in Nigeria, which could be devastating on the economy and security architecture.

“There is the need for an institution and legal framework in place so that cyber activists and potential attackers will recognise there is in place institutional and legal framework to protect our critical infrastructure,” he stated.