Okotie Backs Protesters, Urges Caution

Chris Okotie

The Shepherd Superintendent of the Household of God Eklesssia, Rev. Chris Okotie has thrown his weight behind the #ENDSARS protests raging across the country over Police brutality and other governance issues.

In a statement issued yesterday, the cleric quoted Chairman Mao as saying that “that if the people no longer fear your power, it is because another power is on its way”.

Okotie argued that the authenticity of Mao’s statement cannot be impeached when it is juxtaposed with the history of governance, insisting that such is true within the present Nigerian context.

“Yet, the power that now approaches is neither political, religious, ethnic nor even – terrestrial. Rather, it devolves from the Creator who endowed man as a free moral agent. He therefore arrogates to himself the title of emancipator in his quest to dismantle any mechanism of oppression or suppression of the human will”.

Okotie noted that the current youth agitation must be construed in this context, adding that it is an extra-terrestrial phenomenon, and divine intervention to resuscitate the moribond kindred spirit of the Nigerian brotherhood.

He debunked the claims that the current youth movement is politically motivated, saying that such claims amount to submitting to jejune partisan stimuli emanating from a reprehensible perennial insensitivity

Okotie insisted that the protests were not directed against any political party.

“It is an altercation with the status quo; it is a vitilitigation against decades of leadership ineptitude and mediocrity. And now they have gone public. “They bear witness now to the political imbalances and economic disequilibrium that have characterised the chequered pavement of our walk towards nationhood. They bear witness to the stratification of the Nigerian society that allows the circumstabience of corruption by osmosis.

“They bear witness to a system that has elevated corruption to an institution of byzantine complexity.

“The bear witness to a system that has jettisoned their dreams and aspirations into the catacombs of oblivion.

“And now they rise against the forces of dissatisfaction, disillusionment and despondency from taking their souls in captive hopelessness. These young people are not rebellious dissidents. Rather they are emissaries of posterity. Galvanised by the indomitable spirit of the Nigerian psyche and the relentless cry of posterity, they have become veritable instruments in the hands of destiny to chart a realistic path for the Nigerian renaissance”.