Amanda Williams Shed Lights on Empowerment Methods for Estate Agents


Ugo Aliogo in this report writes on empowerment methods for new-age real estate agents

North Carolina-real estate broker, Amanda Williams, popularly known as Amanda the traveling realtor, is looking forward to using her experience as a cloud-based broker to help new-age real estate agents find a way to have multiple income streams in today’s market.

Amanda is involved in varying levels of the real estate business. “I own a short term rental business in North Carolina and Belize where we offer fully furnished homes for 30-60-90 day rentals. We have had a lot of experience with AirBnb properties and now I am teaching other agents how to build their short term rental portfolio using other people’s properties.” The idea is to use individual landlord’s properties to create furnished short term housing options for potential relocation clients in her city, therefore driving more leads to her real estate team.

Amanda’s urge to help other agents build their portfolio is borne of a desire to alter the status quo of the traditional real estate business, allowing realtors to concentrate on making passive income instead of dedicating long hours to the job without having the option of taking time off and still being able to earn. Explaining her motivation, she said: “I decided to create courses and teach all of the agents in my sphere exactly how we have built our passive income to a place where we can travel the world and all of our hard expenses are paid. It’s time to reach out and pull my team up with me.”

Presently, she is building one of the biggest real estate brokerages in the world. “I’m currently in Mexico building relationships with real estate agents and brokers and will soon have a team of agents here in Cabo San Lucas selling real estate for the fastest growing real estate tech brokerage in history, which is being called the “Amazon” of Real Estate,” Amanda explained.

Going further, she hinted about taking her father for a cancer treatment to Mexico and discovering the platform that changed her life. “While living in Mexico we decided to rent our personal property on AirBnb so it wasn’t just sitting there empty. That 1st month we made enough money to pay our mortgage on our home in NC and it paid our rent payment on our beach condo in Mexico. This started us on our AirBnb journey which we now own a portfolio of AirBnb and short term rental properties. We have built multiple streams of passive income through the 3 Fs of AirBnb: Find it, Furnish it, and Fill it.”