Protesters Hire Private Security to Repel Attacks in Lagos


Chiemelie Ezeobi

The attack on #EndSARS protesters by armed thugs in Lagos yesterday forced the organisers of the protests to hire private security repel the attacks by hoodlums.

THISDAY gathered that in order to avoid a prevent a repeat of the invasion by thugs, the organisers quickly hired private security to protect the protesters.

Meanwhile, protesters finally made good their threats to block Airport Road in Lagos, minutes after the thugs attacked the peaceful protest in Alausa part of the state.

THISDAY observed that the protesters blocked the stretch of the road, thus causing major gridlock that stretched to Bisam Junction. Cars were forced to turn back at the roundabout in front of Sahara Oil and make their way back to Ikeja when it became obvious the protesters were adamant.

Chanting #EndSARS, the protesters even helped to coordinate the traffic for cars to reverse.

Already the protesters have made arrangements for food and drinks to support the teeming crowd, while those who had flights were seen walking with their luggage towards the