Fashion is For Expression, Says Karabey

Penny Karabey

In this report, Ugo Aliogo, writes about a fashion icon Penny Karabey making breakthrough in the industry

In the fashion world, Penny Karabey stands out. She is well known for her style and has a sense of fashion unlike many others. She’s experimental and likes to work with colors.

Owner and director of Luxury Next Season, Penny Pinar Karabey is a fashion icon. She is a very motivated lady who believes that style is an expression of a person’s feelings, thoughts and ideas should therefore not be treated with levity. When she designs, she goes all out, risking ideas and experimenting with colours, styles and materials.

Karabey was born in Istanbul, Turkey and grew up on the Upper East Side. One day, while packing some of her old outfits to discard of them, some of her friends came to pick some of them because they liked them. This got her thinking. “If people like my old clothes, maybe there are a lot of people out there who might also like very rare fashion pieces.” Instantly, the idea came into her head and she birthed Luxury Next Season.

Unlike many other fashion designers, Karabey didn’t stumble into fashion. She has always loved fashion and has worked on the runway and is also an accomplished jewellery designer. Apart from that, she’s a fitness instructor and a computer engineer. This experience, she says has helped her business a lot.

She believes in honesty and said that it is better to lose a sale because you advices your client on what fashion pieces to buy than to give every client just what he/ she wants even when you can make an input in their decisions. Even though Luxury Next Season is meant to provide all the outfits it is clients wants, it will not give clients wrong advice or just sell outfits to them without caring.

One beautiful thing about Karabey is her love for family. No matter how busy she is, she always makes time for her son and will cancel any business plans to spend time with him. She also spends time playing polo with her family in Southampton. It is amazing how one woman can do all the things she does and still finds time for herself and her beautiful family.