Only 1,000 Spectators Per Day Allowed at French Open


Organisers have been forced to reduce spectator numbers again for this year’s French Open which starts tomorrow due to France’s increasing rate of COVID-19 infections.

The French Open has confirmed only 1,000 spectators will be allowed to attend the tournament each day.
Having reduced the daily capacity from a planned-for 11,500 fans to 5,000 a week ago, tournament organisers have now had to reduce further to comply with new rules introduced to try to curb France’s soaring rate of coronavirus infections.

Tournament director Guy Forget told a press conference on Thursday that organisers were still hopeful of keeping to their 5,000 tally despite restrictions announced by the minister of health that specifically targeted sporting events.

Forget said: “We are playing the tournament on the size of 15 football fields on an outside stadium and we have all the health procedures with the masks, with the gel to clean your hands. We’re pretty confident.”

Around 35,000 spectators usually attend the tournament every day during the first week, and a statement announcing the new level stated the organisers’ position.
Following the announcements made by government authorities, 1,000 spectators will be permitted to enter the Roland-Garros grounds per day.