Boeing Set to Recertify 737 MAX


It appears that the recertification of the Boeing 737 MAX, which had been grounded since March 2019, is coming ever closer. Recently, officials begun testing the aircraft in line with new developments. Since the grounding of the 737 MAX, Boeing has been working hard to get the aircraft recertified. There are several projects that it has been completing to achieve this, from software updates to global outreach.

A critical facet of the recertification is training. This training covers new developments in the aircraft. Also, on September 14th, a Joint Operations Evaluation Board hosted a meeting for the 737 MAX at London Gatwick Airport to nitpick Boeing’s training. The session was expected to last for nine days in which the board would evaluate the suitability and viability of the training.

These results would then be shared in a report by the Flight Standardisation Board organised by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The purpose of the report is to gain approval from the FAA Aircraft Evaluation Group and Air Transportation Division.

This round of testing follows on from test flights carried out in Canada last week. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) used the flights to collect data on the performance of the Boeing 737 MAX.

It said its findings would be shared in the Joint Operations Evaluation Board meeting in Gatwick this week.