Koiki: Learning Will be Hybrid When Schools Physically Reopen


By Uchechukwu Nnaike

The CEO of Greensprings School, Lagos, Mrs. Lai Koiki has stated that the school will run a blended system of virtual and on-site learning when schools finally reopen this September.

She said this in an interview following the announced physical reopening of schools by the Lagos State government.

When asked what the school has put in place to ensure a safe physical resumption, she said Greensprings School will strictly follow the government’s reopening guidelines, adding that the school has developed some internal policies to complement the government’s proposition.

“We have started working on ensuring that our facilities, staff and students adhere to the government’s guidelines on school reopening. Our classrooms have been remapped to allow social distancing of two meters from one seat to another. We have disinfected the classrooms and other areas in our school, and this will continue regularly.

“More hand-washing areas and sanitizer dispenser stations have been installed, and these have been done in all four campuses, including Anthos House (our special needs school). As recommended in the guidelines, break time will be staggered, restrooms will be cleaned hourly, and our staff and students will wear a face mask at all times, except during the required outdoor mask-break period,” she said.

On the hybrid learning system, Koiki stated that the school plans to have not more than half of its student population in physical attendance on school days. By this, some students will come to school twice a week, while some will come three times a week. Students staying at home on a particular day will learn the same thing as those in school through the school’s online learning platforms, and this will ensure there are no learning gaps across all learning categories.

She said the school’s plan will also ensure that students who are members of the same family will be scheduled to be in school (on-site) on the same day, as well as have virtual classes on the same day. “Provisions will also be made to continue virtual learning via the school’s online channels, for parents who do not want their children to resume physically for now.”
Koiki added that all students of the school will first resume online by September 28, except for some critical classes that will have to resume onsite.