Furthering Possibilities Through Green Screen


The #GreenScreen Challenge has recently been one of the most popular in Nigeria. It simply requires users to participate in a collection of trends or viral moves that they like while using a ‘green screen’ background.

The effect is easy to use and can be enjoyed in various ways. Seven days after debuting in Nigeria, #GreenScreen went viral gaining over 6K creations, 28K shares, 11.7K likes and over 4.6M views. It has been used for a variety of reasons, from poking fun at Nigerian comedians to sharing how people feel about their loved ones.

No country on earth practices hope like Nigerians and the #InNoGet challenge is a local viral challenge that has sprung forth from hopes of meeting one of the country’s super-rich citizens. Participants use a mix of a meme soundtrack and text to describe how they will act in the presence of their prospective benefactors, and it makes for hilarious viewing. In the first six days, the hashtag got over 1.3M views and 1K creations; since then it has gotten over 7M views.