Hope Samuel Talks About Her Next Project ‘Davil’s Orchard’

Hope Samuel

Nollywood movie producer, Hope Samuel has started talks about her upcoming movie “Devil’s Orchard”. Starring Frederick Leonard and Yvonne Jegede, the script which has Saheed Apanpa as director is set to drop anytime soon.

In the movie, the sensational producer plays up themes that bother on marriages relationships, deceit, abuse and so on.

Samuel who has always loved acting talks about how she ventured into film making, “I really didn’t know how to go about it. In 2001, I met a Neighbor and friend Anyi Benson who is a writer. It was after I met him, I did my first film project called The Jealous Housewife in 2003. I worked with the likes of Zach Oriji, Alex Lopez, Ndidi Obi, Paul Obazele and so many others”.

Well the Rivers State born declares that if we compare where Nollywood is now to where it’s coming from, we would all attest to the change and growth evident therein. She insists that the industry now boasts of better equipments, better locations, quality sounds etc, “our films are watched heavily in the diaspora. So Nollywood has grown positively”.

When not producing or acting Hope Samuel is head into her motivational speaker engagements and her entreprenuerial pursuits.

This is not the first time she will be working with Sahees Apanpa. This time she is doing the DEVIL’S ORCHARD script. A story dealing with different aspects of life. Marriages , relationships, deceit , abusive relationship etc. “we want a lot of people to learn through this film. We want to tell a great story that the viewers will appreciate. We are kicking off sometime in September. Just as people enjoyed my last production COLD VENGEANCE, we believe people will love DEVIL’S ORCHARD too.