Firms Partner to Enhance Digital Transformation

Wale Ajisebutu

By Emma Okonji

Fuelled by a passion for technology and guided by the firm belief that Africa can be better connected to the digital world, 21st Century Technologies has formed a beneficial partnership with Centili, to promote digital transformation on the continent.

The Founder and CEO of 21st Century Technologies, Mr. Wale Ajisebutu, who announced the partnership, said: “Our combined experiences and knowledge of technology is legendary. I have always believed that one of the key elements of success is partnering with esteemed organisations such as Centili, principally to leverage on both companies’ core competencies to build the most advanced digital services in Africa.”

Ajisebutu believes 21st Century Technologies and Centili are similar in many ways. He said both companies started out from humble beginnings, have experienced rapid growth, and are now having significant impact on the region and beyond.

“21st Century Technologies is a regional powerhouse with huge infrastructure and a mission to provide world-class solutions to our valued customers through highly motivated talent and strategic alliances,” Ajisebutu said, adding, “Our partnership with Centili will bring digital transformation to Africa which many economic sectors deserve. More importantly, it helps create a sense of focus and determination to succeed,” he said.
“Working with Centili has allowed 21st Century Technologies to build the most compelling aggregator platform in Nigeria. This solution will propel 21st Century Technologies to become the number-one aggregator Value Added Service (VAS) business operator on the continent. The partnership sees both companies creating digital services that will revolutionise everything from online retail to gaming, logistics to financial services, e-commerce to entertainment. As well as creating affordable access to technology and information, they are building new products and services that are deeply relevant to Africa. Together, they are using technology to solve complex problems for key industries as diverse as healthcare and aviation, as well as empowering people to use technology as a resource for liberty,” Ajisebutu added.

Speaking on the mutual plan to drive digital transformation in Africa, Ajisebutu explained that as the world adapts to the new normal, 21st Century Technologies would continue to accelerate digital transformation.

“We aim to position 21st Century Technologies as a company with operations across Africa to take advantage of emerging opportunities. We sincerely believe our activities will move Africa’s digital economy towards a new era, with the internet and data at its heart.”
Ajisebutu believes the time is right for tech companies to grasp these opportunities, and building on infrastructure is key. Over the years,
21st Century Technologies has invested heavily in holistic infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities.

21st Century Technologies is building the most compelling ecosystem and infrastructure that will change lives, empower customers, and deliver the future.