Nowadays, you do not even know what to believe in the media. Reports have been circulating that bro is saying that if we want him to serve, he is ready. Then as I was about to write this morning, I saw another report quoting an unnamed foreign intelligence agency saying that Chief Kalu, Aliko Dangote and Alhaji Lawan stand better chances of emerging president.

Na lie, na him steward write the report. Which foreign agency? Nothing like that. Na him steward. For me, Chief Kalu should go and rest. In fact, he should go and sit down. What presidency, he no dey tire? We are not looking for his type in 2023.

What we are looking for are leaders with vision, leaders that will understand global economic shifts, with the right penetration and outlook that can steer the ship of state towards effectively addressing the challenges of the nation.

Please where in this description did you see Chief Kalu’s face in that talk? People like that should just retire and be writing books on a long life in public service with no real service in it. Please, don’t let me vex this morning, everybody is positioning and Oga too with all his ‘corner corner’ is positioning too. Need to go eat abeg, I am hungry.