Covid-19 Still on the Prowl

SGF and PTF chair, Boss Mustapha briefs President Muhammadu Buhari

Gradually, life is returning to normalcy especially, with the phased opening up of the economy, which advanced last week with the near full reopening of schools as well as the extension of the curfew from midnight to 4am the next day.

A majority of the hitherto shut down businesses are also getting their grooves back, courtesy of the latest review of the measures earlier taken by government in the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But while this is good news and a welcome development, it goes without saying, the fact that government is embracing some of these decisions is no indication that the deadly virus is gone and as such, life could return to what it used to be.

Yes, there’s no doubting the fact that the virus has been contained to a very large extent and the curve reasonable flattened, but the fact of the matter is that the virus is still in effect and as deadly as it has always been.

People must, therefore, take nothing for granted but continue to observe all the safety protocols as advised by experts in collective interest. The virus is still on the prowl and only those who know this fact, heed the warnings and are circumspect would survive its deadly stings.