Loud Whispers with Joseph edgar

Did I just hear about a coup in Mali? I first thought it was the usual social media crap that they daily throw at us but when I saw the ECOWAS reaction and the UN Security Council one, I realized that this thing is no joke. Then, I remembered one quote they say the South African Apartheid chief said about black people that if you give them guns they will kill themselves……. I just tire. Me sef don become racist, we black people no get sense, it is true. Just see the way we are scattering everything. Blacks took over South Africa, see the mess it is. See Mali, see Liberia, see Nigeria. Even the Rwanda we are shouting is a big village. They say Wikipedia has named us a failed state. Don’t know how far that is true.

Coup in Mali at this time and age? Baboons all of them, real monkey banana. Me I am a confirmed racist now o. I no just get time for this black people and I have warned all my daughters Chantal, Annette and Zara if they bring any black man from any part of this continent say they want to marry, I will slap and disown them. NDDC spending billions on face masks when the people busy looking for cure have not spent 10% of that. Ministers fighting in Sudan and you say oyibo should not be racist? Black lives matter ko, black lives matter ni. Mali can go ahead and impose whatever regime they want to impose, na our way. Black man, na mistake. Simple.