Firm Celebrates Innovation, Outstanding Leadership with Inaugural Awards


Edniesal Consulting Limited, Enterprise governance and business consultancy firm, has announced the maiden edition of leadership awards for Chief Information Officer (CIO), in Nigeria.

Each year The CIO Awards will recognise outstanding professionals and organisations, who have during the year under review, delivered business value to their organisation and the industry at large, through the innovative use of technology.

The Inaugural CIO Awards is open to the top technology leaders within an organitation who have the overall responsibility and control of the IT vision and direction of the company. The award will be held at the Oriental Hotel Lagos, on the 26th of November, 2020.

Speaking during a press conference recently held in Lagos, the CEO of Edniesal Consulting, Abiola Laseinde, disclosed that The CIO Awards was created to serve as a mark of individual and enterprise excellence in Nigeria.

“CIOs have overtime been responsible for delivering top-of-the-line innovation and business value within their organisations while also being at the forefront of decision making and strategic change. This class of business leaders are hardly visible nor celebrated in most organisations, but now their role has increased in importance over time as they evolve from information to innovation and leading the digital transformation initiatives. In some companies, depending on the organisational culture, they are asked to wear multiple hats of business strategists and change leaders.

“It is therefore our commitment to recognise individual and enterprise excellence in innovation and technology across different sectors. It is indeed the celebration of the individuals and talented teams behind business transformations across different sectors in Nigeria,” Laseinde said.

Speaking on how entries for the 2020 CIO Awards will be reviewed, the Executive Director of Edniesal, Wale Laseinde, said “Entries will be reviewed and evaluated by a team of independent judges (Interim and Grand jurors). These are leaders carefully selected across sectors with expertise in their respective fields. Entries from nominees would be reviewed on the basis of business innovation and outstanding leadership. I can assure you that our jurors would especially look out for nominees who are leveraging leading -edge IT practices to produce measurable results”.

Nominations for the CIO Awards 2020 are now open and run until September 10th 2020. Submissions are free, whether for self or nominations on behalf of a desired candidate.

The role of Chief Information Officers in driving innovation and business value, continues to expand and change at pace, driven by the emergence of new technologies and dynamic business models. Enterprise governance of information technology is a relatively new concept that is gaining traction in both the academic and practitioner worlds. Going well beyond the implementation of a superior IT infrastructure, Enterprise Governance of Information Technology is about defining and embedding processes and structures throughout the organisations that enable both business and Information Technology (IT) people to execute their responsibilities, while maximizing the value created from their IT-enabled investments. So many players are demonstrating this value and Edniesal Consulting has chosen to recognise and celebrate them.

Honourees from the CIO Awards 2020 will form a cloud of inspiring examples of how IT leadership as strategic business partnerships are reshaping the future. The Awards will further project the positive impact of technology and the business benefits of disruptive thinking in Nigeria.