Africa CDC, ARC Unveil Initiatives


The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) and the African Risk Capacity (ARC) have launched two COVID-19 modelling tools for Africa: COVID-19 Potential Outcomes Scenarios and COVID-19 Spread Simulation Tool for Africa. The tools would help African Union Member States in evaluating the potential magnitude of COVID-19 in their countries and in making decision on appropriate response to mitigate the risks.

Specifically, COVID-19 Potential Outcomes Scenarios would help in modelling the potential impact of the outbreak using specific sets of scenarios and assumptions and COVID-19 Spread Simulation Tool for Africa will enable simulations of different scenarios of COVID-19 spread for each country.

Director-General of the African Risk Capacity and Assistant Secretary-General at the United Nations, Mr. Mohamed Beavogui, said: “COVID-19 has generated unprecedented socioeconomic consequences with the reversal of hard-won development achievements. Africa is particularly challenged in its efforts to cope with the decease burdens.”