Rotimi Amaechi’s Chinese Connection

Rotimi Amaechi

Loud Whispers with Joseph Edgar

It is remaining for the honorable minister to start speaking Mandarin with the way he has been going on trying to defend the very urgent need for this his Chinese loan. The man just tire me with all the dribble he has been spewing all in defence of this loan that is not even beginning to make sense to a lot of people.

But would you blame him especially with Nigerians’ penchant for dealing with the inconsequential? Instead of us to be asking the major question of ‘wetin concern government in these times with rail transportation, we are fighting ourselves over sovereignty clause.

Mbok, the fact that even if they take the sovereignty clause and smack most of us in the face, we will still not recognize it or even know what it stands for. That will not stop a lot of beer parlor talk around and about it especially on social media.

Please, my own is that, a government that recently handed over the National Theatre and has a BPE saddled with privatization and the rest not considering privatizing this rail line or at best concessioning it is further entrenching the position that this government is looking like the government for the Mumu.

Why must Amaechi decide to marry a Chinese wife on top of our head? What is so critical about this railway that we must enter 20-year debt on top of the one that we already have instead of just selling off the damn thing and using the money to do something better? Me, I am not ready to be a Chinese slave in this my life because we will definitely not be able to pay back that money.

Since OBJ, which debt have we been able to pay back? Mbok, Amaechi and co, kindly look for another avenue. No to this loan, privatize instead. That is if he will hear sef.