Who will Settle Arthur Eze and Pius Ayim’s Tiff?

Anyim Pius Anyim

Peace and mutual regard are in high demand for accomplished businessman and oil mogul Authur Eze and accomplished former Senate president, and Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Ayim Pius Anyim. Since these figures took to lambasting themselves and slinging mud across each other’s corridors, folks have pointed out the need for settlement—but nothing so far. Even ignoring high-blood pressure that is characteristic of elders fighting themselves, Eze and Anyim are paragons in their respective spheres of influence; what then is to become of their followers and admirers?

It is not sure which one set the ball of rancour in motion, but one of them did. What is known is that Authur Eze is not at all a fan of Anyim Pius Anyim, and that the latter does not at all care for him either. Nothing evidences this truth but the words they’ve shot at each other.

It was reported that Eze mentioned during an interview that Senator Ayim was an ungrateful and self-serving individual who did not hold the Southeast in his eyes, and therefore neglected the region while he was in office. To substantiate his accusation, Eze allegedly declared that the only road constructed by Anyim was the one that led to his house in his Ishiagu village, in Ebonyi State.

Not wondering why the (mis)deeds of a past administration were being dug up, Anyim reportedly responded that Eze was not himself pious, but a selfish fellow whose eyes are forever trained to contracts, and therefore willing to crawl towards anyone to win approval. He allegedly claimed Eze’s sudden attack on account of his inability to get a contract during the Jonathan administration, despite characteristically sucking up to people of power and influence.

Hearing this, Eze allegedly threw back to Anyim that the failure of former President Goodluck Jonathan can be placed on the Senator’s shoulders. His exact words, it was reported, are, “Senator Anyim is the worst Senate president that the South East zone has produced”, adding that [Anyim] was not able to attract any meaningful development to the zone throughout his tenure.”

The feud is gradually building up to a frightening crescendo, as their respective linens might soon be washed in public. Who will intervene before the rear of the chicken is revealed to the world?