Blame Not Dogara


Since former Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), reactions that followed were not unexpected. The accusations too were typical: political prostitute, many reckoned. But not a few had also pondered what probably led to this difficult but ultimately inevitable decision.

Dogara, as then speaker, played very significant role in the emergence of Governor Bala Mohammed, especially that the APC was determined to retain the place. They had assumed that as a former FCT minister, the governor could boast some financial war chest to help tame an incumbent. Alas, they were wrong and it turned out that Dogara and a few others had to shoulder the financial burden of his election.

But on assuming office, Mohammed disregarded everyone and shoved his cruel ingratitude in their faces. Imagine a governor sending N50,000 (fifty thousand naira only) to a former speaker during the end of the Ramadan and the eid-el-fitri? He even put in writing. To do what? It was an intentional move to embarrass and put him in a place of discomfort. The governor refused to acknowledge their role and place in his government. In fact, some are still paying back debts incurred over his election.

Maybe you should ask why the former Commissioner for Finance, Nura Manu Soro resigned from Mohammed’s government. The kind of high-handedness going on in the state is such that no one with reputation and name would stay behind. Blame not Dogara. He’s taken the best decision in the circumstances and should be left to deal with the consequences of his choice.