Omolori Congratulates New National Assembly Clerk


By Chuks Okocha

Contrary to expectations that the former Clerk of the National Assembly. Mohammed Sani-Omolori, may challenge his removal from office in court, he has called the new Clerk,  Ojo  Amos Olatunde, to congratulate him.

The former clerk, who removed his personal belongings from his former office on Saturday, said he would not challenge his removal  in court as everything happened according to the will of God.
THISDAY accosted the former Clerk while packing his personal belogings from the office and the following conversation ensued:
THISDAY: Sir, will you challenge your removal from office in court
Sani-Omolori: Why?  It has ended the way God wants it – what we Muslims call destiny. We thank Almighty Allah for everything. We have moved forward.  Absolutely, no regrets for what we did and what we did not do. Going to court for what?  To help the legislators enforce their resolution? And even as it is now, challenge my friend and colleague who is the new clerk of the National Assembly?
THISDAY: So, what are you doing now here?
Sani-Omolori: As you can see. I’m packing my personal belongings.
THISDAY: Your removal has elicited mixed reactions.  Some people are happy and some are not.
Sani-Omolori: That is life. Full of sadness and joy. I cannot expect every one to be happy or like what I have done in office . For me,  for all I have done or did not do,  I have no regret. Those laughing could be doing so in remembrance of the fact that yesterday ushered in today and today will usher in tomorrow.
THISDAY: Will you continue your community service

Sani-Omolori: I have always been serving my community and I will always do so.
It was gathered that after removing his personal belongings,  he called the new clerk of the National Assembly, Ojo Amos Olatunji,  congratulated him and told him that he had removed his personal belongings from the office.

The National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) had on Friday evening sacked Sani-Omolori, and other top management staff of the Assembly.

Executive Chairman of the Commission, Ahmed Amshi, had in a two-page statement at the end of an emergency meeting of the NASC named Ojo Amos Olatunde as the new clerk.