Covid-19 and Sachet Milk Manufacturers


This is a suggestion for producers of sachet milk and other similar products. During this period of growing infection rate of the Coronavirus, the importance of making products such as sachet milk easier to open by making slits (or small cuts) on the top edge(s) of the sachet, to prevent people from attempting to open the sachet using their teeth cannot be over-emphasised.

It is all too common for one to open the sachet of milk using the teeth, momentarily forgetting the possibility of getting infected with the Coronavirus. The milk sachet usually passes through the hands of different people before it gets to the final consumer. When money exchanges hands during the process of selling the milk, the hands are not usually washed beforehand.

Also, it is possible that the retailer might have sneezed or coughed into his/her hands before handling the milk sachet, or displaying it for sale, and not have washed the hands thereafter.

There is also the possibility that even the money that changes hands during sales might have been touched by someone who has coughed or sneezed into his hands, before going ahead to hande the milk sachet.

And then, one who has bought the sachet to make a cup of tea would, usually absent-mindedly, open the milk sachet with the teeth. This is all too common, especially among children, and even adults too.

Therefore, the manufacturers are advised to make a little cut/slit on the top edge(s) of the milk sachets to make it easier for the consumers to open by tearing the milk sachet with their fingers, instead of their teeth.

I tried of recent to contact the customer care numbers of some of the manufacturers in order to make this suggestion directly to them, but to no avail. Indeed, my calls to one customer care line (printed on the sachet) met with an auto response asking me to leave a message, along with my contact details.

Up till this time of writing, I am yet to receive any form of feedback from them, hence my resort to this medium.

The idea is for the producers and others who manufacture similar products to make the needed changes/improvements in order to make it easier and safer for consumers to open their products, especially now that the virus is on the rampage.

Daniel Ighakpe,

FESTAC Town, Lagos