Nigeria’s Damilare Juggles Comedy and Writing

Damilare Osundare

Rebecca Ejifoma

Nigeria’s versatile personality, Damilare Osundare, is a comedian turned author, whose imposing skills have paved a way for him both home and abroad. Today, having authoured four inspiration-packed books which have gained global acceptance, he juggles comedy and writing with ease.

Osundare, who is popularly known as Asiricomedy, has authored four motivation-packed books. “Asiri Mystery Book”, “Anticipation: Fire of Process”, “The Hero”, and a hilarious book on branding, “I don’t like Semo”.

Noting that his awe-inspiring books have received global accolades from several individuals of high reputation and has been adopted as manuals among thought leaders, Asiricomedy’s has set a clear cut standard among his peers in the entertainment industry.

He has successfully navigated both the creative and the knowledge industry having observed his flexile nature.

“Writing is a divine gift for me. Whenever I write, I get the insights like whispers.”

For the fast rising author, he employed discipline among others to help him unlock his desired results. Hence, he lent his voice to other newbies. “I believe that you can be all you can be. All you need is to deploy the discipline to unlock your desired results”.