Millywine To Reward 3 Lucky Fans through his Run Up Challenge


As a means of rewarding his loyal fans for standing by him since his debut and for supporting his latest musical project, ‘Run Up’, featuring talented singer, Dice Ailes, Smartworks Records and Eureka Creations multi music genre artiste, Alabi Afolabi Morakinyo, better known by his stage name, MillyWine, has penned down $300 for his viral social media challenge tagged #RunUpChallenge.

Contrary to expectation #RunUpChallenge went viral shortly after the fast rising musician announced it, as 3 winners are to be rewarded with cash prize of $100 each. According to Millywine, ‘ To compete for the ultimate prize, participants are to post videos on their Triller account, singing or dancing to my ‘Run Up’ song, share it on their social media accounts and tag Smartworks Records Act on their social media account.’

Speaking about his music and what he hopes to achieve as an entertainer, he said; “I really just want to do what I love and spread it as far as it can reach. I want to make music people locally or internationally can relate to. I want to see people happy. My music is happy music, my music is colorful; that’s if you can hear colors. I try to be relatable and fun with every single music I make. I make music any age or race would relate to, that’s why I said earlier that locally or internationally you vibe, and I hope to push the culture way beyond our borders. In fact when most people listen to my music, I mostly get the occasional ‘is he Nigerian’ vibe from people and I just leave them to enjoy the blend of it all.”

Recounting how he forayed into the music-making craft, he said; “I was about eight years old I think, these Nokia phones that you could record on just came out and I was excited actually. I and my siblings played around with the Nokia recorder and everyone just took turns recording. So when it got to my turn I didn’t know exactly what to do so I just started singing immediately everyone just kept quiet and listened. That was actually the first time I knew I could sing. My brother snatched the phone and ran to my mum saying ‘Listen to what Folabi did.’ So since then it has just been a thing and I realized I could relate different emotions to people just by singing.”