Julius Rone Celebrates Birthday with Needy


High Life with KAYODE ALFRED

Vision, wealth, and class distinguish individuals in a society. But what about among peers? What establishes one man as ‘different’ when he is just as wealthy and dignified as his circle of friends? It’s the little things. As Julius Rone celebrated his 46th Birthday, he assembled the poor and needy and improved their lot.

Many things are attributable to the Delta-born industrialist and billionaire, Julius Rone—everything that is expected of a diligent genius. But, the way he is able and always available to connect with the disadvantaged and destitute in Nigeria is something that no other man of his age and prestige has been able to imitate or surpass.

Last year, Rone celebrated his 45th Birthday in Abuja, among those who were orphans and struggling under the weight of arduous life. He bore that weight with them and lifted it as much as he could with the provision of essential necessities. This year, he continued that practice, delivering even more gifts to the needy and impoverished, whom he has adopted as members—with himself—of the human family. A bystander might have mistaken Rone’s 46th Birthday for a crusade cum children’s party. That’s just the kind of man he is.
If you thought humility springs from penury, think again. Rone’s humble disposition underlies a potent genius and business debonairness. Julius Rone is an oil mogul and one of the most capable youngsters in the oil sector ring.

His company, UTM Group, is involved with a multitude of operations, including the provision and delivery of premium marine logistic support in engineering, construction, equipment rental, leasing, procurement, supply, and general labour services. The group’s clientele catalogue is as tall as its ambitions, with regular prospects including state and federal governments, private organisations, and other oil and gas proponents.

Then there’s his family: his lovely wife, Utibe ‘Yutee’, and their children. These enjoy Rone’s loyalty and dedication the most. This is evidenced by the fact that Rone never delays in making every celebration and milestone of theirs something to talk about. He, on the other hand, prefers to share his wealth with those of lower status.

It is why he was able to donate 20 million to the Delta State government to assist in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Rone is building a corporate empire with his UTM Group, a model family with Yutee, and a legacy with his charity and benignity.