Blaugrana Sports Inaugurates Legends for Children Project


Blaugrana Sports Group International’ s objective of nurturing young children into great legends, promote grassroots sports development and values of sportsmanship and social integration engaging the FC Barcelona sports development programmes methodology was heightened during the week with the inauguration of the in – house committee for the Group’s Legends For Children Project. Launched in 2018 at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, where an array of the Nigerian football legends were honoured.

Speaking to the media after the brief ceremony, Leslie Oghomienor, Chairman, Blaugrana Sports Group said that the “Legends For Children Project is so dear to the heart of the Sports Group, but the recent outstanding performance in JAMB of one of the Group trainee prayers Akakbota Fejeiro Simeon, who played for the Wazobia FC, during FC Bulmaro free technical support training for Secondary Schools in Lagos, fully sponsored by the Group has spurred us to action. By reactivating the project which is also aimed at helping bodies working tirelessly to ensure that every child – girl or boy, aside doing sports, is given quality education and guidance, that will help such live better and meaningful life, freeing society from burdens.”

He further explained that the Legends For Children Project was in pursuance of the sports company’s vision to become the largest world-class sports talent training and nurturing platform in the world with numerous veritable platforms of first choice for great and gifted talents who may be challenged by lack of genuine direction, guidance and support.

“Our Group is driven by the quest to nurture children with gifted talents into great legends using the little resources we have, applying the FC Barcelona methodology in environment with first-class facilities, supervised by well-honed seasoned professionals and the Legends For Children Project is one of the best way we will berth our dream. Believing that to empower our beloved nation, we must help see that our children are educated. They are our greatest future. Now, is the right time to invest in a greater tomorrow through them,” Oghomienor said.

He added that aside from the committee planning for the next event, the body will also see the possibility of developing a strategic and holistic plan for sustainable youth sports, education, development and empowerment template that can serve as a radar in success of the sports sector.

“Shaping the future of the country is not government alone. It is a collective responsibility. It is a must done work. Together, is should be done,” he stressed.

Responding on behalf of the 13 – man committee, and appealing for support for the project, Ms. Abibatu Abudu Ajayi, a business and communication strategist, attached to the Group, acknowledged the importance of the project to children education, youth development and empowerment and seeing to the greater interest of the Nigerian football legends, agreeing that membership of the committee was a responsibility call to action, and trust, the committee members would strive not to betray by making sure the project kicks off on a much better way and accommodate more children and legends than the first outing in 2018.

“We are sure more will be achieved, and better with the support of all. Also, the committee is saddle with the responsibility of finding a means of making the project an annual event, bigger, bolder, with a global outlook. Therefore, to run with this novel dream and win good laurels, we must brace the tape on the track of this noble race together,” Ms. Ajayi pleaded.