Barack Obama Loves The Gay Community More Than He Loves The Black Community
With Reno Omokri

I have to be careful with what I am going to say because it borders on the fringe of the Official Secrets Act. Nigeria has had Boko Haram (AKA Jama’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihad) as a largely peaceful and some times reactionary Islamic fundamentalist group.

The group was founded in 2002 by Mohammed Yusuf, a charismatic leader, who feared God and was pious. He was not the fiend that he has now been made out to be. Boko Haram did not believe in violence pre-2009. Their main aim was to purify Islam and bring back the days of old when the Kanem Bornu (not Borno) empire was a bastion of Islamic scholarship and brotherhood.
It was not until the Nigerian state unwisely murdered Mohammed Yusuf on July 2009, that Boko Haram began to metamorphose into a violent movement under the leadership of the mad man called Abubakar Shekau.

Now, between 2009 and 2011, Boko Haram was more of a nuisance, but they did not have the capacity to wage the insurgency they are now waging. However, all of that changed in 2011. For years, Muammar Gaddafi maintained a covert foreign legion of mercenaries from many parts of Africa. People like Charles Taylor (former President of Liberia) and Foday Sankoh (a Sierra Leonean rebel leader), were once part of that force and had received military training in Libya.

Gadaffi hired mercenaries from the Northeast of Nigeria, as well as from Chad, Niger, Mali and other Sub Saharan African nations. They were camped in forbidden cities in Libya’s desert and given professional military training.
When the Barack Obama administration decided to move against Gaddafi, they did do selfishly. They did not care about the destabilising effect it would have on the rest of Africa. And so, when they stage-managed the overthrow and killing of Gadaffi, Libya became a swamp, and all of a sudden, tens of thousands of trained mercenaries, with sophisticated weapons and lots of money started fleeing Libya.
My readers will recall that it was after Gaddafi’s death that Mali, Nigeria, Chad and Niger began experiencing an upsurge in Islamic terrorism.

For instance, between July 30, 2009, when Mohammed Yusuf was summarily executed, and December 31, 2010, there were a total of only two major Boko Haram terrorists attacks. The September 7, 2010, Bauchi prison break and the December 31, 2010, Abuja barrack attack.

However, beginning in 2011, Boko Haram’s attacks grew in tempo and fury. There were more than 20 incidents of Boko Haram terror including the St. Theresa’s Catholic Church Christmas Day bombing, the multiple coordinated bombings on May 29, 2011, as then President Jonathan was being sworn in, the June 16, Abuja Police Headquarters bombing, the August 26, United Nations building bombing, the November 4 Damaturu attacks and bombings, and the December 22-23 bombings and attacks in Maiduguri.
This escalation was a direct result of the Obama administration’s meddling in Libya. Nigeria and other West African nations bore the brunt of the deadly effects of that intervention.

Yet, this same Barack Obama, who caused these problems, refused to sell weapons to Nigeria so that we could battle these terrorists. He cited the Leahy law, but that was a ruse. And when Nigeria attempted to buy the weapons we needed from Israel stealthily, Obama warned Israel that he would stop selling arms to Israel, if Israel sold weapons to Nigeria.
And so, faced with an insurgency that was so well disciplined, well funded and well inspired, Nigeria had no choice but to hire mercenaries and to buy weapons on the black market.

Now, I said that Obama cited the Leahy law as a ruse. Why do I say so? Because I know directly from the horse’s mouth that the real reason Obama would not sell weapons to Nigeria is that then President Jonathan has rejected his subtle pressure to legalise gay marriage and homosexuality in Nigeria.

You see, Obama, with an eye to his legacy, had caught a desk with the LGBTQ community in America to support his 2012 re-election, as well as support whoever he wanted to back in 2016, on the condition that Obama would go after any government in the world that was seen to be unfriendly to the LGBTQ community.

The summary of these events is that Barack Obama instigated the killing of Gaddafi, and destabilised Libya. When Gaddafi’s mercenaries fled Libya and converged in Nigeria disguised as Boko Haram, Obama refused to sell us arms to fight them, so that he could help get General Buhari elected! Now he is shouting #BlackLivesMattter. If Obama did for Blacks what he did for gays, there won’t be a need for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Barack Obama is a HYPOCRITE!
Sadly, Black people show that we do not know our history, hence we keep repeating it and blaming history for repeating itself. #BlackLivesMatter activists are pulling down statues of slave traders, yet promoting the Democratic Party, which was the Party of slavery. How does that make sense? And Obama is leading them. This was a man who had eight years to make #BlackLivesMatter, but used the eight years to make Gay Lives Matter. And because we Blacks are so detached from history, we applaud his crocodile tears. Obama is one of the worst things to happen to Black people!

Yes. You read me right. It was actually the Republican Party that fought against and defeated slavery in America and that championed and voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Please do not take my word for this. Research it for yourself! When I see Africans championing Barack Obama, I salute the power of the media to make you hate those who are fighting for your rights and love those who are trying to destroy your rights. Let me cite just a simple example.

George W Bush paid for HIV drugs for every HIV positive individual in sub-Saharan Africa for the next 25 years through the Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Bill Clinton increased US trade in Africa through AGOA.
Cite one thing Obama did for Africa besides trying to force gay marriage on us? Aids he did not give. It is what will bring AIDS he wants to give?

When he was President, Obama lit up the White House with the colours of the Gay Rights Movement (LGBQT) on June 27, 2015. If Black Lives Mattered to Obama, why did he not light up the White House with the #BlackLivesMatter colours?
Obama meddled openly in Nigeria’s 2015 elections. He did not even hide it. He felt we were inferior human beings and that he had a right to interfere. Yet, the hypocrite was screaming Russia meddling to his beloved CNN when Russia did exactly what he did in Nigeria.

Nigeria currently has an inept ignoramus, who cannot govern his own home and his party, as President. Courtesy of Barack Obama’s meddling in the 2015 election, because he wanted to oust a President who he felt, was against his beloved gay community. And now this hypocritical crybaby is crying wee, wee, wee, all the way to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Only weak-minded people, with no sense of history, will be deceived by Obama’s posturing. Obama is actually more racist than those he is accusing today. Look at the disdain with which he treated African nations while he was in power. He never talked to our leaders. He spoke at them.

Obama is institutionally racist. He believes that he is always the smartest guy in the room and that it is his way or the highway. That is why he destabilised Libya, despite the pleas from African leaders of the contagious effect it would cause.
If you put Barack Obama side by side the Muammar Gaddafi that he killed, Africa benefited more from Gaddafi than Obama. Gaddafi supported the ANC against apartheid and was an anti-imperialist. I ask you-what has Obama ever done for Africa?

Reno’s Nuggets
* Wedding dress
* Cake
* Wedding ring
* Bridesmaids
* Groomsmen
* Bouquet
* Confetti

None of the above is necessary for a Christian wedding. They are all European culture. Africans were brainwashed to see White Wedding as Christian wedding. It is NOT! Read Scripture. A Scriptural wedding goes like this:

1. You find a girl
2. You ask her to marry you
3. She says yes
4. You inform your parents
5. You leave your parents house
6. You have a feast you can afford

No pastor or priest is involved. It is purely a family affair done at HOME, not CHURCH. Even the wedding Christ attended was at a HOME and He was invited as a GUEST! God made it simple. Man complicated it!

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