No Division within Progressive Governors Forum, Says DG

Salihu Lukman

By Adedayo Akinwale

The Director General of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Dr. Salihu Lukman, has said that there is no division within the progressive governors as the crisis rocking the party continues.

Lukman, in a statement issued Monday, described as false, a report in a national daily that alleged that “13 governors are backing the Abiola Ajimobi-led National Working Committee (NWC), seven others are opposed to it.”

He insisted that the governors are all individually and collectively committed to the development of the party.

According to him, “This is false as there is nothing like the kind of sensational division being alluded to among Progressive Governors. In the context of the current challenges facing the party leadership, Progressive Governors are all working for the quick resolutions of the crisis.”

The DG said although approaches and perspectives of each progressive governor may vary, they have been able to debate and reach some consensus on the problems affecting the party as contained in the resolutions of the emergency teleconference meeting of Saturday, June 13, 2020.

Lukman however lamented that some vested interests who might have been secretly peddling false allegations against some progressive governors for the perspectives they hold about the crisis facing the party are doing everything possible to impose their fantasies.

He noted that all other perspective outside those fantasies are being criminalised and every attempt is being made to break the ranks of progressive governors, which he described as unfortunate.

Lukman stated: “The reality is that all Progressive Governors are guided by all the resolutions adopted at the June 13, 2020 meeting. Those trying to create imaginary divisions are enemies of the party and clearly not interested in contributing in any way to bringing about an end to the crisis facing the party.”

He pointed out that as part of the plot to divide the ranks of progressive governors, fictitious support for and against Senator Ajimobi are being raised.

Lukman stressed that for the avoidance of doubt, Ajimobi is a respected founding member of the Forum and would enjoy the fraternal support of all progressive governors.

According to him, “However, given the current leadership challenges, it is not about support for or against sections of the NWC as is being projected. It is more about ensuring that the National Working Committee (NWC) function as a united organ of the party based on which it is able to make provisions of the APC constitution functional. It will be downgrading to attempt to project Senator Ajimobi as a factional leader of the NWC.”

Lukman noted that the ruling party would overcome all its current leadership challenges, adding that the governors of the party and all APC leaders would emerge strongly united.