Obaseki: From Fry Pan to Fire?

Godwin Obaseki

Each passing day, the Edo State political scenario is becoming increasingly fluid and no longer predictable. But there are some undercurrents that may suggest that head or tail – the situation is not a generally pleasant one for Governor Godwin Obaseki.

First, is the fact that the certificate scandal is a major albatross for Obaseki and one that is going to go around with him for a long time, regardless of his joining the PDP. Report of the APC Appeal Committee is quite damaging and a booby trap that would snap anytime.

Then, there’re talks about the demands by his PDP. Reports reaching THISDAY claimed it took the governor days negotiating some of the terms put on the table, which were generally obnoxious. We hear N10 billion demand was made by the umbrella, while N6 billion was offered. True or false, money is definitely going to change hands.

This is aside the fact that he was said to have first played a rather difficult ball with a prominent member of the party, who brokered the deal as some form of demands for consulting and ‘smoothening the way’ for him. These are definitely the indications of what would be at the end of the day. Now that Obaseki has finally moved into the party. Is it therefore right to say the governor has moved from fry pan to the real fire? Only time will tell, after all, he is now a PDP governor.