Ijeoma Ugamah: Our Hotel Software Merges Cloud, Offline Solutions

Ugo Aliogo

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 across the globe, companies have been forced to change their strategy and business models. However, the founder of Horeca Cloud, Ijeoma Ugamah, revealed that the period provided an opportunity for the group to launch its latest software hotel property software known as My menu and My guest which merges both cloud and offline to provide full customer experience.

Speaking with THISDAY, Ugamah said the software is highly interactive. She also noted that the software which was launched to encourage contactless service experience is designed to make the guest feel safe and 100% millennial-focused with experiences driven by technology.

She said: “Yes it is our first solution. The hotel property management software was launched last year and was received with great reception as it is a novel idea that merges both cloud and offline together, meaning that hotel owners with internet connectivity can log in from their phone/laptop and find out what is happening in his hotel and during internet downtime, the hotel can still assess the software.”

Ugamah further stated that hospitality owners and managers, who are interested in logging in, would be integrated first with the Property Management Software (PMS).

The Horeca Cloud founder added that the contactless guest management software would be merged, “as an add on – a link will be sent to your guest to check- in online and using the QR code upon arrival at the hotel, the guest uses the app to check- in, request for laundry, room service and housekeeping all without touching the phone.”

She remarked that for restaurant owners, the menu would be listed on the app thus giving them a wider audience reach, pair them with a logistic vendor who would deliver the order and lastly, manage in-dining reservation, thus ensuring that social distancing is maintained in the restaurant.

Continuing, she said: “We offer contactless thus protecting the hospitality staff and the guest. Technology will be used to speak to each other and eliminating the need of human interface. We have a number of hotels and restaurants on the waitlist to be among the first to use it.”

Speaking on the targeted market segment, she said, “My Menu and My Guest are software designed for hotels and restaurants in Nigeria.@

Beyond the present realities of COVID-19, the app is also beneficial to the bottom line of clients in the long term. “It bridges the data gap in the hospitality industry.

With the software you get data. With this app you will understand your customer buying and lodging patterns, what time they buy food, what season is the peak in the hotel industry, what experiences in your hotel and restaurants they like, and you get their contact details.

“With the data, you can create targeted customer loyalty campaigns, understand the buying pattern of your customer and know when to offer a discount, know the peak period in your hotel/ restaurant and curate experiences to cater to them.”

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