Akindeinde Adebayo: Music Runs In My Gene

He is a self-trained musician but his music artistry and creativity are exceptionally remarkable. When on stage he is constantly lost in his art as the passion flows ceaselessly, just as the listeners always crave for more. Akindeinde Adebayo is one of the few talented Nigerian gospel artistes who are making waves. Though still reinventing and evolving, Funke Olaode explores Adebayo’s journey in music and self-discovery

Can I have insight into who you are?
I am Akindeinde Adebayo, a Nigerian gospel singer popularly known by his stage name Debayo. I am an upcoming artiste, songwriter, worship leader, musician, and real estate personnel. A native of Ogun State Nigeria, born on February 19 in Lagos State. I am married to my lovely wife and blessed with beautiful children. I am a graduate of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) where I studied Business Administration but fully into gospel music now.

How did your music journey begin?
My music journey began at the age of 10 from the children chapel in my parents’ church in Isolo, Lagos. My father was a reverend, though late. Also, my mum is a deaconess and still serving in the vineyard. I can say the music gene runs in my family, which I am also a part of it and aside the music gift, my brother at that age taught me how to play the keyboard and drums and from there I developed so much interest in music as a whole and still flows passionately in that way to date.
As I grew older, my passion also grew with me and music has become part of me. As I progressed I served as a music director in so many churches. I am currently serving wholeheartedly as music director of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Lagos Province 36 Headquarters.

Why did you pitch your tent with gospel music?
I did because I believe it is a calling from God and also a way of showing my sincere gratitude back to God.

Apart from growing up listening to music, did you acquire training or you learnt on the move?
If you want to be the best in your field, you have to keep reinventing and evolving. This will keep you abreast. To keep the flame of passion going, I trained myself. You will be surprised to know that I never attended any music training, but learnt on the move and still learning on a daily basis.

Where do you get inspiration?
Those gospel songs my parents used to play then inspired me. Such music like Don Meon, Ron Kenoly and so on.

Apart from music what other passion do you have?
With modesty, I am a very versatile person whose passion does not solely lie in music alone. I can play some instruments like keyboard, saxophone, and drums.
Tell us about your recently released a single, ‘Moyege’.
Yes. ‘Moyege’ is a Nigeria gospel indigenous song that relates a heart of sincere gratitude to Almighty God through the victories won in time past.

You recently staged unscripted Praise. What inspired the move?
I was actually led by God to bring people of like minds together to worship Him in an unscripted manner and which turned out to be a huge success. I return all glory to Him.

You worship at the RCCG Jesus House Parish Lagos Province 36 Headquarters and serve as music director in so many churches. How do you strike the right balance to avoid conflict of interest?
I believe God’s work should not be done in half measure. I am passionate about God and His work. I constantly strike a balance to discharge my responsibilities to my church where I worship and I try to set my time and get my priorities right to make sure the time of meetings doesn’t clash so as to avoid conflict of interest just as you mentioned. Remember the work of God is the same so any conflict of interest is for God’s glory.

Being a Christian or gospel artiste can be challenging in terms of societal pressure, attraction to the opposite sex, etc. How do you deal with it without compromising your faith?
It has been the grace and grace and grace of God only. So, it has actually been God’s grace. My faith in God Almighty also. Then laying down all those challenges in the place of prayers because they are norms and you can’t stop them from happening. And lastly, I discuss any of these happenings with my wife.

Have you ever tried to go into secular music?
No, it never happened. For me, why should I change a winning formula? I have dedicated my life to God to sing His praises. So it has never crossed my mind and by the grace of God, it will never happen.

You wear so many caps: upcoming artiste, songwriter, worship leader, musician, and real estate personnel. How do you juggle all these responsibilities?
It is easy in the name of God. The process is like one step at a time. Also, God has been my strength. And I also try to set my priorities right.

You are always on the move. How do you handle the home front so that it doesn’t suffer?
I thank God for giving me a supportive wife who flows with the vision. She has been a pillar of support, taking care of the home front in my absence. My home is very paramount to me, and I take care of my home to the utmost.

How many albums have you released so far?
None. But I am currently working on one and people should expect it very soon but before then, I would still be dropping some singles just like Moyege.

It is been a journey for you. Can you say you have found fulfilment?
I’m not fulfilled because my music has not yet reached the entire world.

Where do you see yourself in a couple of years to come?
I see myself at the highest point of my gospel music career nationally and internationally. Also, touring the world influencing souls for God.

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