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Media Guru, Kalada Meshack-Hart Preaches Self Awareness

Media Guru, Kalada Meshack-Hart Preaches Self Awareness

Socialite and media guru Kalada belema Meshack who is also the CEO of Tatafoo Naija has encouraged youth to be aware of the the society at large and also most importantly there strength weakness and opportunity, The realness of the much doubted corona virus.

We as youths need to know our strength and the role we play in the county’s economy we find ourself in an environment which is totally not encouraging but what do we do but just make best of what’s available. Let’s not sit down and fall on the government, The government have there own challenges as well.

Let’s be more productive the best we can, shun violence, fraud and be more industrious.
Right now the country is fighting a serious pandemic, most people are still in doubt if covid 19 is real . There’s words of people saying that they don’t know of anyone that known anyone that has it. They truth is it’s real people are dying let’s be aware. A lot popular have died of corona virus, a senator has died, ace broadcaster Don foster has also died to name a few.

Let’s keep an high level of hygiene, wear our mask every time even indoors keep to our social distance technics. We don’t need to those reported figures hit higher numbers.
This is not the time to panic, but embrace our current situation. Let’s support our government and other bodies fight the bottle neck.

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