Lockdown Can’t Take Us Away From God- Deborah Funmi

Ezekiel Okpuzor

Deborah Funmi Mupapa Ministry has carved out a dynamic path, to help christian’s all over the world to keep the good relationship with God during this pandemic era.

The revival will be a live broadcast from Finland, on Facebook at deborahfumiministry and Zoom, on June 26 to June 28, 2020.

According to Mrs Deborah Funmi, the revival is to bring people back to their maker, with the theme: ‘End-time Armies, Return Of His Glory’.

She stated that, the event is going to be auspicious for those who love God.

“Do you all know how dangerous is going to be if the bride of Jesus Christ are not together?

“We can’t allow this lockdown to separate us,
lockdown won’t hold us for bringing Jesus Christ to our World.

“End-Time Armies are ready to bring salvation to our World, join Deborah Funmi Mupapa Ministry, Women and Men of God across the world.

“Is going to be life transformation with worship songs, prayer worriors deliverance Season,
The Word from the throne of ELOHIM and more.”

Guest ministers Deborah Allen, Euvonka Farabee, Elishama Ideh, Clement Quansah, Kimberly Jones, Michael Ebai, Nana Boateng, Deb Sandy, Shanie Salmon-Godfrey, Uche Chris, Lydiene Favour, Marie Blessings, Reginae Colwell, Henry Egedegbe, Joseph Shodeinde and Prince Donald.

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