Admonic Inc: Digital Mobile Software Set to Revolutionize Advertising Business in Nigeria

 Information Technology and software expert, Mr. Collins Igbadume, on Wednesday revealed that a revolution is set to be unleased into the Nigeria’s advertising landscape with the planned launch of Admoni Inc, a new digital marketing mobile software to help businesses grow at geometric speed.

Igbadume, in a chat with IT Reporters through a webinar virtual platform, said with the ongoing paradigm shift from TV screen and billboards to smart phone devices, the digital advertising will no doubt be a disrupter in the scheme of things.

He, said: Globally estimate has it that the average screen time per person is 195 minutes and higher for young people who make up the majority of our population in Nigeria.

“As eyeballs and the attention of consumers shift from TV screens and billboards to phones and mobile devices, digital advertising is disrupting advertising as we know it.”

According to the IT expert, digital advertising which relies on desktops and mobile devices looks set to surpass traditional advertising platforms in the country.

While underscoring the importance of Admoni Inc app, he admitted that Nigeria has recorded a rise in the use of smartphones with an increase of over 350% between 2007 and 2016, according statistics from the Nigerian Communication Communications (NCC).

The surge, he added has propelled big and small businesses to reach, connect and engage customers through their mobile devices has been attributed to the increasing affordability of phones and mobile data.

According to him, there are a number of businesses already providing solutions that tap into this new trend by converting mobile phones into mobile billboards.

He said: Admoni Inc, a digital mobile marketing application offers a solution tailored for consumers where advertisers can engage and follow users unconstrained by physical locations.

“Admoni’s software provides a platform where brands can publish digital adverts and communicate offerings while users are incentivized and rewarded for viewing these ads.

“Adverts are served during calls and push notifications direct users to brand landing pages. Users are rewarded with Admoni reward coins which can be used to make in-app lifestyle purchase/payments ranging from airtime, movie tickets, gift certificates, ride hailing services and more.

“Admoni, smartly targets specific users in a particular location through geo-spatial capabilities – providing live impressions and click figures to brands. This ensures cost effective deployment of advertising budgets by targeting live, location specific audiences on mobile phones.”

The opportunities according to Igbadume, are immense, explaining that estimates put the number of smartphone users in Nigeria at roughly 25 to 40 million (Statista 2020), covering all demographics from teenagers and young adults to millennials and the elderly.

He said the exact number of users is difficult to ascertain, data shows a strong growth outlook for the Nigerian smartphone market with user numbers to triple in the next five years. (Statista 2020) simultaneously, the Nigerian advertising landscape has evolved considerably.

With the emergent technological revolution, content developers are creating marketing materials for both the mass media audience and denizens of the digital universe and digital migration is changing how content is disseminated with the industry that is evolving.

For the Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria, he said there is an emerging trend that offers value and spend efficiency for marketing and advertising budgets. In modern technological terms, a disruptive phenomenon is one that displaces an established framework or structure.

The rapid adoption of internet technology and the ubiquity of mobile phones has catalyzed the emergence of digital and social media advertising to the forefront of advertising.

Digital advertising is also becoming more attractive because it is cost-effective and affordable, especially for small and medium enterprises who do not have deep pockets or budgets for marketing campaigns.
Improvements in internet penetration have been a major catalyst in digital advertising adoptions.

In 2017, 47% of Nigerians were internet users and projections suggest that by 2023 85% of Nigerians will be online, he said.

Regarding post COVID-19, he said it is likely that Admoni, will hit this projection sooner as how we work and engage will change forever and the internet will be the backbone of virtual engagements and transactions.

This means brands are likely to get more value for money with increased conversion rates employing internet and mobile advertising.

Digital advertising will continue to make significant contributions to the Nigerian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with brands like Admoni providing solutions that speak to advertisers and consumers alike, he said.

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