‘My 3 Months Detention not in Vain’


Executive Director of National Council for Democratic Development (NCDD), Prince Nwaeze Onu, has said that with the recognition of June 12 as Democracy Day in Nigeria, his detention for three months fighting to validate the mandate was no longer in vain.

He therefore congratulated President Buhari and Nigerians on the occasion, adding that all hands should be on deck to ensure that democracy continued to thrive in the country.

“As a partaker in the struggle for the restoration of the mandate of Chief M.K.O Abiola who won the election adjudged to be the freest in our country on June 12, a journey which Nigerians across all divide made huge sacrifices to defend, including myself, having spent three months in jail, has come to be a symbolism of Nigeria’s democratic journey.

“To all Nigerians, as we celebrate June 12, it should offer us all some historical lessons that should positively affect our political development and should serve to remind us of the sacrifice many made that we may have Democracy in our country.

“At NCDD, we will continue to keep guard and support deepening of our Democracy having played key role in the struggle that birthed our democracy.

The achievement of our democracy requires therefore, a genuine partnership between all Nigerians in the affairs of our country in which all we will work equally and complementarity, drawing from our diversity to deliver Nigeria of our dreams.

“As ideal, our democracy should essentially preserve and promote the dignity and fundamental rights of individuas in Nigeria, to achieve social justice, foster the economic and social development of our communities, strengthen the cohesion of our societies and enhance national tranquility and cohesion,” he said.