House Member Appeals for Free, Fair Guber Election in Edo


Funmi Ogundare

A member of House of Representative, Hon Sergius Ogun, yesterday appealed to the federal government to allow for a free, fair and credible election in the Edo State gubernatorial poll on September 19.

Ogun, who was a guest on The Morning Show on Arise TV, took the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to the cleaners, saying the party is consisted of a group of confused people.

According to him, “There was an issue about the 14 members of the state House of Assembly who have not taken their seat in the assembly. That case is in court as we speak. If you were elected to serve in an office and you abdicate your responsibilities and come to Abuja to be granting television interviews for almost a year since inauguration, you should vacate the seat and the next person which should be PDP should be sworn in.

“So what happens today? We are going to have 14 members of PDP in the Assembly. With 14 members in the Assembly, we are going to give Edo State quality governance which is what the people are yearning for right now. I don’t want to go into the issues of the Assembly not being properly inaugurated. If you say they didn’t do the right thing, you have 14 members against 10, that was how Adams Oshiomhole took over the mandate, stayed over and was poaching people; they went to court and took over the leadership. I think Edo people are sick and tired of APC; they are group of confused people. So let’s bring in people who know how to govern a state better.”

He added: “Edo is still a PDP state. In 2016 election, the APC admitted that they stole the mandate from the PDP, and they even had to poach the last PDP governorship candidate. In the last election, PDP won in the state, and in 2019, PDP won in state, so Edo is a PDP state. We will not leave it to the opposition alone if we really want to build this democracy, everyone should be involved. All hands must be on deck, and if we all begin to speak now, we will not have a skewed election. If we have a bye election in Edo State, PDP will win.”

Asked about the miracle the party will perform to win the election, he said: “In the national elections that produced people like us in 2015 and 2019, PDP won in Edo State. If we allow for a free, fair and credible election, PDP will win in the state. The court gave the mandate to Oshiomhole, and the second time, it was rumoured that he got the nod of the then president as well as late Chief Tony Anenih, who put in a lot to win the election.”

On the candidates that will run the election, he said the party has already screened and put forward Ken Imasuagbon, Gideon Ikine and Dr. Ogbedie Inyama, adding that they are capable of winning the election on the platform of the PDP any day.