Cashaam Rolls out e-Commerce Solutions for Business Owners


Raheem Akingbolu

With the surge in social media and more businesses going online to reach their target markets,, a website enabled company, has started offering cutting edge services that will make brand owners set up effective online business and deliver their products to customers with the best experience.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cashaam, Ms. Omowale Benjamin, in a statement issued by the company on how digital channels are redefining businesses, advised those investing in websites not to expect immediate benefits.

Noting that the value of digital channels was immediately obvious to every business owner, Benjamin, however, added that, having a business strategy is more than just a website.

“Here’s why – people are spending more on social media than they will probably do on your website. Also, when they eventually get to your website, they are looking for a personalised experience. However, building an awesome digital experience is expensive and could take a while before you start reaping the benefits.”

Speaking on how Cashaam is redefining businesses, Benjamin pointed out that is a free eCommerce platform for businesses to drive sales to their website from social media.

She said: “It is a simple way to turn social media direct messaging (DMs) into actual sales. It has built-in integrations with Instagram, Facebook, and Google for a business to showcase its goods and services directly to customers including functionality for them to buy directly on social media e.g. IG shopping. Now, your customers have multiple ways to view your products on the website, social media, mobile, etc. which increases their likelihood to buy.”

On the new unique selling point of Digital Sales, Benjamin added that various digital platforms had increased and now twice more important than store visit.

“Ask any small or medium business (SMB) owner, the feeling of being overwhelmed is natural especially when managing an online store coupled with deliveries, tracking orders, and so on.

“ offers free WhatsApp integration for sellers to manage their business by chatting with a smart assistant. You can check up or update your inventory, get summary stats on how sales are doing, and schedule deliveries for a customer, all while chatting on your WhatsApp, no laptop login required! Furthermore, when you are unavailable, you can enable the chatbot to respond to your customers on your behalf, which gives customers 24/7 access to a “person” to answer their questions. Research shows that businesses that use fast response are likely to convert more sales than those who don’t – that’s another way to set your business apart.”

While emphasising the need for personalisation of business platforms, she stated that customers wanted a personalised experience and tasked business owners to give them such.

“Today’s customers are looking for personalisation and businesses that can offer that, are likely to sell more than those who don’t. According to a 2017 Greenberg Survey, 63 per cent of customers expect brands to provide a personalised experience when shopping online. However, personalisation is hard for a lot of businesses. For example, offering something as simple as a “Mother’s Day store-wide discount” can be daunting for a lot of businesses because it requires code changes to their website.

“However, with, you can offer store-wide, product-specific discounts and much more, with a touch of a button. Just set the discount you want to offer; it will get reflected across your website immediately. When the discount period is over, you can turn it off again. You can even change your website branding to mirror a campaign for example ‘pink’ for women’s day and so on. Also, scheduling things like delivery is done with the click of a button making you look like a “pro” compared to your competition.”

On other values that Cashaam can add to businesses, the CEO also added that the company placed Ads on digital surfaces like Instagram, Facebook, and Google on your behalf to help you generate sales leads.

Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, Benjamin emphasised on how creation of digital strategy could help businesses to succeed despite the tough time, without down-sizing their team or close their shops.