FBNQuest Educates Investors on Estate Planning, Wealth Transfer


Goddy Egene

FBNQuest Trustees, a subsidiary of FBN Holdings Plc has offered expert guidance on Estate Planning as an important requirement for successful wealth transfer. Through the Legacy Series campaign themed: ‘Building a Legacy that lasts’, FBNQuest aims to help individuals understand how to plan for the protection and seamless transfer of their assets during their lifetime and after.

The Legacy Series is delivered in line with the organisation’s commitment to educate individuals and improve the understanding of the concepts of estate planning, so individuals are empowered to identify opportunities, protect their investments, and efficiently transfer their assets to their beneficiaries.

Commenting on the importance of estate planning, the Managing Director of FBNQuest Trustees Adekunle Awojobi said: “There is a decent appreciation for the importance of investing to secure one’s financial future. However, the average individual has paid little attention to the structures that are needed for the efficient management of the assets they own, and the seamless transfer of their wealth. Through the Legacy Series we have continued to drive this message, as estate planning must be an integral part of everyone’s plan – even if it’s one’s first property or major asset.”

According to him, FBNQuest Trustees also offers unique expertise in Islamic Estate Planning, noting that :“We realise that Islamic Estate Planning is a dynamic and often challenging subject. The fractional approach to distributing assets might be intimidating. That’s why we have built expertise to enable us support our clients with creating Al-Wasiyya, Waqfs and other acceptable forms of charitable giving in line with the tenets of worship.”

FBNQuest Trustees has organised several webinar series to address issues such as the importance, structure and operations of Islamic Estate Planning and Administration, Wills, Zakat as a Social Institution.