Supporting Informal Sector


In his submission, the Liberian President revealed how collaboration worked in his government in an attempt to stem the sufferings brought by the pandemic.

“In Liberia we have taken measures to ease the financial burden on vulnerable business in the informal sector by providing small loan assistance to SMEs and traders. In addition, we are working with commercial banks to mediate repayment of loans because we know that the pandemic has shattered almost everything, people have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down… the only way we can grow is for us to help them grow,” the football legend explained.

He said his government didn’t lockdown the economy completely as a result of the pandemic, “because we know that it is a tough time in our economy, rather we eased it by giving people time to go out in the morning and return back home by 3 o’clock.”

“So far we have been doing our best to make sure that they are sustained because some people take loans from banks and are unable to pay the banks then the market shuts down so we have to take the responsibility to repay their loans so that when they come back to the market place, they will not be running from banks,” he added.