Ademola Adeleke at 60: The Eagle Soars

By Olumide Lawal

Different folks! Different strokes; life is of different dimensions to various individuals. It is full of ups and downs. It is full of tribulations and success. For Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, he exhibits the tenacity and risk-taking path that makes the Adeleke Dynasty of Oluronbi Compound, Ede, Osun State one of the noblest and silently powerful men and women in their individual rights.

Ademola Adeleke ignites insightful conversations on the convergence of leadership, political astuteness and selfless commitment to the good of all. Ademola Adeleke is of the conviction, that rather than going low as a result of the 2018 governorship election, which he believes he won convincingly by Gods grace and the will of the people, he should trudge on confidently to make the best of the prevailing situation, by re-appraising the whole saga and re-strategies for future endeavours.

At 60, and with extra-ordinary strength, he seeks to shape the destiny of his immediate constituency – the good people of Osun State. This is demonstrable in the various philanthropic gestures, his dynasty have been extending to the Osun people without let or hindrance; a manifestation of their good hearts and beautiful souls.

Ademola Adeleke is a man of destiny. A God-ordained destiny, that is beyond human comprehension. A biblical David that has stood and still standing against political goliaths in Osun State. He has carved a niche for himself to the bewilderment of his foes, and will very soon conquer the Political Mountain Everest of Osun State and give her people the best of services for advancement in their various endeavours.

The large-heartedness and charitable endeavours of the Adeleke Family, is evident for all to see in his political statesmanship as displayed after the 2018 election and judicial processes. He was unruffled, but rather he put his acts together and glorified God, believing strongly, that the future holds the best for him. Senator Ademola Adeleke sterling antecedents continue to stand him firmly in good stead on the path of the less-privileged.

A principled politician with modesty and candours. He believes in robust service to the people with transparency and accountability. No wonder, he was the darling of the General Danjuma-led Board of Directors at Guinness Nig. Ltd in the early 1990s. That goes to show, that he is not new to high-tech managerial calling. An industrious and calculating individual with iron-cast resolves.

His sojourn in the 8th Senate was colourful and impactful. He contributed robustly to debates that touched essentially on religious harmony, security of lives and properties. The Otunba of Oke-Ila is a quintessential Omoluwabi, always ready to identify with the lowly and in the process eradicate poverty out of their lives through massive empowerment programmes. He is therefore a remarkable personality in his own right, who will not hurt a fly.

Like Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Mathama Ghadi and Obafemi Awolowo, Ademola Adeleke has passed through political baptism of fire in his quest to serve the good people of Osun State. He remains set and undaunted to do just that at the auspicious time to the glory of God. According to some of his classmates at Muslim Grammar School, Ede, Ademola Adeleke is of boundless energies. Ade Square, as he is fondly called by his mates, is a charitable personality with a Godly heart, who has strict disciplinarians as parents, hence his steener leadership stuff to live above board and carve a niche for himself.

Senator Adeleke, a gentleman, who at 60, is a man who never loses confidence in himself. He is a man who uses crises to re-invent himself. He takes responsibility for every challenge that he face, believing that tough times don’t last, tough people do. He believes entirely, that with crises, you gain more wisdom and experience.

This may be hard to understand and believe, one great lesson, that Senator Adeleke passes on to his admirers, is that there is no need to be bitter over any issue with any human being, as God sits pretty well in judgment over the affairs of mankind. According to Ademola Adeleke, bitterness erodes good health. This is a good lesson for mankind, coming from the birthday boy. So those who are currently casting unjust aspersions on the Adeleke family, should have a re-think.

Ademola Adeleke at 60 should be commended for struggling to bear the weight that the ancestral name, Adeleke imposes on him with courage, dignity and equanimity. From Baba Awwal Adeleke Abanikanda (his grandfather) to Papa Raji Ayoola Adeleke, the children, among whom Ademola is one, continues to improve on the solid landscape ably put in place by his forebears. Ademola, like his siblings, were not born with silver spoon. But they all struggled through the challenges of life to be what they are today.

A man with strong determination, Senator Ademola Adeleke is an Eagle that soars.

Welcome to the Senior Citizens Club. The graduation of your adorable daughter, Adenike Adeleke at Oakwood University, Alabama, USA on May 10, 2020 is one of your best birthday gifts at 60. Yes, the Eagle soars! Flying higher!!
Enjoy your day. Your best is yet to come.

––Olumide Lawal was Special Adviser (Medial and Public Affairs) to Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.

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