Prof Ibrahim Gambari

After intense lobbying among the various political groups, Mr. President has finally settled for Ibrahim Gambari. The new chief of staff is not new to Nigerians. He is a diplomat and former university teacher with vast network and experience from United Nations. Professor Gambari is a polished and cosmopolitan individual whose academic background and wealth of experience cannot be questioned within or outside the country.

The new chief of staff worked with seven head of states. Professor Gambari was Buhari’s Minister of External Affairs between 1984 and 1985. With these impeccable and intimidating qualifications and experience spanning decades, Gambari is eminently qualified to fill the vacuum left by late Abba Kyari.

Professor Gambari’s appointment like any others has been greeted by criticism and commendation across the political divide. While some groups condemned the appointment based on his position when the Niger Delta environmental activist, King Saro-wiwa was executed, others have praised him to high heavens. Gambari was serving in the United Nations at the time Saro-Wiwa was killed. But the posers begging for answers now are: which kind of COS is Gambari likely to be? Will he be as powerful as the late Abba Kyari? When confronted by the media on how he would operate as a chief of staff, Gambari replied, “I will report to the office of Mr President not Nigerians”. If Gambari, in the course of exercising his duties earn the trust and confidence of the president, he will be powerful.

Ibrahim Mustapha, Pambegua, Kaduna State