Group Launches Platform to Provide Meals to the Vulnerable

Ugo Aliogo

A coalition of partners has flagged off a digital initiative named for the purpose of providing food and nourishment to vulnerable communities in Nigeria.

The initiative is aimed at providing 1 million meals for vulnerable Nigerians weekly, through the generosity of their neighbours.

In a statement made available to THISDAY by the group, Chief Executive Officer, Babban Gona, Kola Masha, said with millions of Nigerians struggling to get access to food in States currently under lockdown orders and the number of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increasing daily, Nigeria is facing a protracted period of economic and social disruption.

Masha, who is also the founder of the Coalition, said that while the health implications of COVID-19 are at the forefront of the debate and are driving the initial response, the economic impact of lockdown on the most vulnerable is devastating and they face a daily fight to access food and water to survive.

Masha further hinted that across Nigeria, civic-minded individuals and corporations are searching for ways to support fellow citizens, adding that the response needs to be coordinated and delivered at an unprecedented scale, “ is a coalition of partners that have come together to address this challenge.”

According to him, “Collectively, the partners will provide a technology enabled logistics solution to help those who want to direct their resources to the most vulnerable, while ensuring availability of food packs at easily accessible points for those that need them.

“We have been inspired by the collective willingness we have seen amongst Nigerians to help their fellow citizens at a critical time. When we have millions of vulnerable people that need help, we cannot rely on the contributions or interventions of others, we must all come together to support them.

“This is the vision for; for ordinary Nigerians to have access to a platform that can safely and securely deliver assistance to those that need it. We believe that with the partners we have been able to bring together, the civic spirit we have seen and the support we have received from Nigeria’s private sector, we can quickly achieve a system that provides one million meals for Nigerians each week. Anyone who wants to give food can do so by simply visiting givefood. ng today. has over 100 food collection points through partnerships with various supermarket chains.”

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