SUNU Group Donates PPE to Health Workers

Ebere Nwoji

Sunu Group, the parent body of Sunu Assurance Plc and its sister company, Sunu Health Nigeria Limited, has donated N300 million worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the use of front line health workers across African where the Group operates.

Out of this, N15 million worth of the equipment was sent to Lagos State Government for protection of front line health workers working against the spread of the coronavirus.

The Chairman, Sunu Assurance Plc, while donating the equipment to the Lagos State government, said the company decided to provide the equipment to protect the front line workers.

He added: “All over the world, we hear doctors and healthcare workers being infected by the virus. We need our doctors to be hale and hearty in order to deliver care to the people.

“We have personal protective equipment worth about N15 million that we are giving out to protect our front line workers” in Lagos State, ” the Sunu Assurance boss stated.

According to him, the donation was Sunu group’s contribution to the pandemic across Africa.

“Sunu is in 14 African countries primarily west African countries both the French speaking and the English speaking west African countries. In each and every country there has been similar donations being made of PPE for the front line workers that are tackling this pandemic,” he said.

The Managing Director, Sunu Assurance, Mr. Samuel Ogbodu, on his part said the Sunu Group took the decision to donate the PPE across Africa.

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