Skit Makers Must Have Very Good Contents to Attract Brands — Spycyzy

Corporate brands are beginning to pay more attention to social advertising and the important role brand influencers play in this. Social media users with huge following are gradually becoming the television stations and newspaper pages for adverts and commercials. In this interview, Chikata Kelechukwu Augusta or Spycyzy as she is also known; a content creator and influencer talks on what is involved in making commercial video skits for brands. Excerpts…

Tell us how your brand of comedy stands out among others

Majorly because I started with sexual contents so the kind of fan base I have are more attracted to sexual contents so I feel I stand out because I combine both sexuality and comedy

How can brands leverage on your brand on comedy to grow their presence online?

I already have an audience that is my fans and checking my page insight I reach out to many people out there. Using the brand contents I will create a series of fun skits but with a focus on the products, that way they will laugh at the comedy and still get the message behind it which is the brand.

Do you think brands are engaging skit makers enough for marketing purposes?

Brands are engaging skit makers a whole lot because these days almost every product is sold on social media using a skit maker. The thing about advertising is getting it on social media. Advertising on social media is very effective. A lot of people use their phones and love things that make them laugh. Imagine I’m advertising a product using a skit, a lot of people will get the message and at the same time have a good laugh.

Have you worked with any brand? What was the working relationship like?

I’ve worked with KDBIZHUB, I’ve worked with Suruka Natures Gift and I’ve done a lot of song promotions and the feedbacks are always very wonderful. KDBIZHUB signed me as their brand ambassador for three months; I’m in the second month of the deal. I’ve been working with Suruka Natures Gift for a long time and we’ve never had issues, I always deliver. KDBIZHUB told me I am one of their best influencers because I bring in a lot of customers; I push a lot of people to their social media page. I also use giveaways to attract people to view these products. So my relationship with these brands has been very wonderful and there are more looking to work with me in the nearest future.

What are some of the challenges skit makers face in the process of working with brands?

The major challenge is that most of these brands delay in their payments and most times don’t keep to agreements.

How do you think skit makers and brands can work together to have a win-win situation?

By understanding the business ethics and by getting to an agreement that will favour both the brands and the skit makers. Working hand in hand will make both parties win.

How can we make skits better fit-for-purpose for brands?

Firstly your content must be very good and have all details about the brand. Having a good storyline is the most important thing then making use of a good camera to shoot too very important lastly making your followers watch that particular skit and getting familiar with the brand.

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